Jetsurf in Kobra 11!

Jetsurf in Kobra 11!

Kobra 11 – a very well known TV series presented from the environment of German Highway Police turned into its 20th series of presence. The highway patrols astonish the public by fast cars driving, chasing and breathtaking criminal inspired plots. The new era of Kobra 11 brings one important personal change. The agents duo performs in a brand new line-up. 

The new colleague of legendary Erdogan Atalay (Simir Gherkhan) started his career in the Kobra 11 series in really stylish way. Surfing lover Daniel Roesner (Paul Renner) put all his efforts to catch a thief escaping justice on a boat speeding on a river using a whole new sport discipline – jetsurfing. Jetsurf is a motorized surfboard that Paul grabbed  and pulled on the river to secure enough speed to capture the Kobra 11’s enemy.

What a great ride he did!  


Paul Renner Jetsurfing in Kobra 11


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