Captain Candy #brave MSWC Team’s Lukáš Záhorský (@lukaszahorsky) and Jakub Kornfeil (@jakubkornfeil84) conducted a successful weekend at #mswcbrno - MotoSurf WorldCup 2018 season kick off. JETSURF FACTORY’s Jakub Kornfeil posted the fastest laptime in the qualifying while Záhorský dominated final shootout. The battle between these two was so close and all spectators couldn’t wait to see the two MotoSurf WorldCup top guns in head to head battle.


Kornfeil 2nd while Sitarova misses podium by just a single point

MotoSurf WorldCup kicked off the season in the Czech Republic and Jetsurf Factory Team concluded the first race of the championship. Jakub Kornfeil made it on podium and Klara Sitarova was so close to her best ever race finish.


JETSURF FACTORY TEAM riders evaluate #mswcbrno qualifying day

It was a qualifying day of #mswcbrno - the MotoSurf WorldCup season opener. JETSURF FACTORY TEAM and its 5 warriors fought hard and this is their point of veiw.


We support the sport because we do LOVE IT!

Jetsurf has had a long history supporting the sport. We are proud to support various disciplines of sport such as motosport, motosurf worldcup, shooting, student formula project, sportsmen training activities. 

Jetsurf Factory Team pre-season testing in Croatia

The MotoSurf WorldCup will begin with the Czech GP from 7th - 9th June and Jetsurf Factory Team headed to Croatia for pre-season testing.

Jetsurf Electric Concept

Jetsurf Electric Concept is the very first fully electric board from Jetsurf portfolio. The Concept is being tested and will be released to public in the beginning of 2019.


Anya Colley joins Jetsurf Factory Team for 2018

She might have been less experienced with Jetsurf when entering her premiere round of MotoSurf WorldCup at Wyboston Lakes, but her progress has been impressive. Seven times Jetski World Champion Anya Colley found a new passion in racing motorized surfboards and did pretty much the same thing she has always done in her career so far – she went super fast.


Brand new feature: Jetsurf Hybridfoil Concept

Coming out with a new range of possibilities, a new idea becoming a reality and bringing the motorized surfboards industry to another level: the Jetsurf Hybridfoil is a brand new feature by Jetsurf Factory that gives surfers more surfing options.


Jetsurf's ready for Dusseldorf Boot 2018

Jetsurf Factory has recently unveiled the 2018 model series of their traditional combustion engine line-up. However, the most experienced & innovative player on the market is coming to Dusseldorf Boot 2018 with something even more. The two brand new concepts - Jetsurf Electric and Jetsurf HydroFoil. Stay tuned for more...


What's new on the 2018s? Check it out!

Jetsurf Factory comes with 2018 model line - up. The company has always built its products on innovation. What do the 2018 product series bring? 


Meeting the Champion: Jakub Kornfeil

Jakub Kornfeil has been connected to Jetsurf since 2011. In the very beginning of the company, he was the first high performance rider pushing the board to the limits and giving all important feedback from rider’s perspective. 


Word of the boss - Martin Šula (Jetsurf creator & CEO)

Right after his arrival from the USA, Jetsurf creator Martin Šula speaks little bit of his racing experience and the MotoSurf WorldCup season.

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