13 / 06 / 2018


Captain Candy #brave MSWC Team’s Lukáš Záhorský (@lukaszahorsky) and Jakub Kornfeil (@jakubkornfeil84) conducted a successful weekend at #mswcbrno - MotoSurf WorldCup 2018 season kick off. JETSURF FACTORY’s Jakub Kornfeil posted the fastest laptime in the qualifying while Záhorský dominated final shootout. The battle between these two was so close and all spectators couldn’t wait to see the two MotoSurf WorldCup top guns in head to head battle.

Being one and two in most of the sessions time sheets, Kornfeil & Záhorský were both riding a brand new feature from the JETSURF FACTORY. JETSURF RACE TITANIUM board with EFI system of direct fuel injection strapped to Textreme carbon fibre body. Lighter machine with immediate throttle response proved to be a massive help throughout the race weekend on very technical track at Brno Dam. It seems like development department received very positive news and further testing will be going on with a clear goal. Get the machine to its absolute perfection before it arrives to hands of licensed racers.

“I love riding my new board. JETSURF RACE TITANIUM latest specification delivers perfect handling in technical sections which was the key to succeed in Brno. I feel perfect on the board which is little bit lighter compared to previous model. After quite a long while in the championship, we started from the gates. Higher torque and pure power makes the craft flying on the water – what a helpful thing to get a holeshot that is. At the same time, the torque gives me more confidence exiting the corners & bringing the whole package to another level. I had some troubles with my rythm in superpole but the rest of the weekned went the best way possible. I’m so happy my team managed to score a double victory and got the job done. Can’t wait to be back for upcoming round in the UK.“ Said the winner himself – Záhorský #36

Lukáš Záhorský waiting for his final round in parc fermé

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