Jetsurf Factory Team concluded #mswcuk round qualifying
23 / 06 / 2018

Jetsurf Factory Team concluded #mswcuk round qualifying

Jakub Kornfeil (@jakubkornfeil84) - 2nd: "The qualifying was super tight between me and Lukáš again. Losing 0.146 is nothing and I'm happy we made some show in Wyboston today. I feel quite comfortable on the track so let's see how it goes tomorrow. It will be super close. I'm hoping for good starts tomorrow."

Martin Šula - 11th - "The track is really long here and I didn't make the best qualifying. Just didn't manage to make a proper fast lap. A shame but most important thing is to enjoy the race on such a beautiful track."

Anya Colley (@anyacolley52) - 4th: "I've worked so hard after the season opener. My target was to be in the best shape possible for the race on my home turf. Finishing 4th in the qualifying means another improvement for me and knowing I'm better racer than qualifier, I feel very positive about tomorrow's race & hope to fight for top three tomorrow."

Klárka Sitarová (@klarkasitar) - 5th: "I cannot be happy with my performance today. There's a room for improvement in some parts of the track so I need to work on that."

Elisabeta Faitová (@elisabetfait) - 9th: "It wasn't my day today. Trying my best in all the session, still can't quite get over the terrible pain in my back. That makes it very difficult for me so hope I'll be in better condition tomorrow."


Men class - qualifying results

Women class - qualifying results

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