First podium for Anya Colley while Kornfeil finishes 2nd
24 / 06 / 2018

First podium for Anya Colley while Kornfeil finishes 2nd

Anya Colley took sensational podium on her home turn at #mswcuk. The second round at Wyboston Lakes resulted for a podium also for her team mate Jakub Kornfeil who finished 2nd. Martin Šula made it through the Final B and managed to score nice 7th place finish. Klára Sitarová struggled to find her race pace for 7th spot overally. Elisabeta Faitová entered the race in pain of her back and scored points for 8th position. 

Jakub Kornfeil (@jakubkornfeil84) - 2nd: "Today's race was a great fun. The fight we showed with Lukáš Záhorský was absolutely fenomenal. We're so close and I think the fights are enjoyable for everyone watching the races. In the first race, it was a spectacular view resulting in a crash of both. I left with pain in my leg so it was very difficult to make it in the second finals. However, I was able to steal the victory and equal the points in total standings. Unfortunately, worse qualifying result relegates me to 2nd place."


Martin Šula - 7th: "I made my Final A appearance through Final B and eventual top 7 finish is a great result of the whole weekend. I'm happy we had fun racing the super long course here in the UK and that I managed to beat so much younger competitors."

Anya Colley (@anyacolley52) - 3rd: "What a weekend that was! Just a year ago I finished very last. This year, the situation completely changed and I was consistent the whole weekend long with a clear goal to fight for the top three. In the first finals my board suffered a technical issue, I managed to get 3rd but with the issue this meant I wasn’t able to try fight with the leaders. The real drama came before the second finals when we were unable to solve the issue on my board in time, meaning I had to take a different Jetsurf that I had never rode before. Anyways, I managed to holeshot the second start. Aneta and Martina were so fast so I was relegated to 3rd and stayed comfortably in that spot. I'm so happy to repeat my top three position from the first final to complete a great weekend. I would like to express my big thanks to all my family, friends, fans & sponsors watching me racing at my home round & the Factory Team for support. Special thanks also to Steven Garner for loaning me his board."


Klárka Sitarová (@klarkasitar) - 7th: "I'm not happy at all with the weekend. I have a good pace but couldn't make the whole mosaic work. So many mistakes, so many things to improve for the next time. I'm happy to leave England with new experience." 

Elisabeta Faitová (@elisabetfait) - 8th: "This weekend was very difficult for me because of the pain in my back I had to struggle with for all three days. However, passing all the troubles, there's a highlight I will never ever forget and it's the final number one. Right after the start, I appeared in 2nd position and that felt so great. I hope I can be in better physical shape next time to look for these places on regular bases."


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