Red Bull & JetSurf Initial Information Release
04 / 12 / 2015

Red Bull & JetSurf Initial Information Release

People behind the blue and silver cans have been known to help new sports take off.  Red Bull is always on the lookout for new trends and they often notice and support new attractive sport disciplines sooner than anybody else.

This may soon be the case with motorized surfing.  At the end of June 2015 a key historical meeting for the development of this way of carving water took place in the breathtaking natural settings of Wolfgangsee in Austria.

Representatives of the JetSurf company, the world's leader in motorized surfing, have met with the Red Bull family.  The JetSurf team from Brno, the home of the Czech Moto GP, where the JetSurf boards are manufactured, have presented their newest products to Mr. Dietrich Mateschitz and Mr. Christopher Reindl from the Red Bull Media House. 

Martin Sula, the owner of JetSurf has stated:  "I have been working on developing and improving our board for over ten years and I always hoped to show it to Red Bull.  Today I fulfilled my biggest dream."  The boards are made from carbon fibre and are powered by an ultralight and super efficient two-stroke engine.  Their weight is only fifteen kilograms and they can be transported by plane as any surfboard.  In only three seconds, these boards can reach a speed of up to sixty kilometers per hour.  Mr. Mateschitz was indeed very pleased with the ingenuity and craftsmanship that went into the development of the board.  "I cannot wait to take this board to our island", noted the experienced waterman.

The sport is growing very fast and a partnership with Red Bull could be a major turning point for the young company from Moravia.  " In the field of motorized surfing, that meeting in the wooden house on the water was just as important as a meeting on the Wall Street for anyone trying to cut it in banking or finance", explained Pavel Trcala the JetSurf Event Director.

In the last few seasons the International Federation of Motorized Surfing has held races in Europe, the Caribbean, or the Pacific Ocean.  So far the racing has been done in buoy courses.  "We are ready to take the races to new level in Red Bull style and we would like to suggest some attractive and exotic settings.  We envision having races in urban areas, zooming upstream on rivers, or competing in big waves", explained Philipp Wolf, Fédération Internationale du Surf Motorisé (FIDSM)

"We are excited to see how we could incorporate JetSurfing into our portfolio of events", commented Mr. Reindl, who himself tried also the special racing board and was immediately hooked. 

Please stay tuned for more information about the planned cooperation.

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