JETSURF is coming back to the Miami Boat Show!
30 / 01 / 2017

JETSURF is coming back to the Miami Boat Show!

After a very successful first year in the U.S. we are ready for our 2nd appearance at the Miami International Boat Show. We have worked diligently to present you with our finest products and latest technology at the Show! Come visit us at tent #364 and check our special MIAMI BOAT SHOW website for more information

Among other things, we have prepared the following:

  • Unveiling of our 2017 models with all their new features. See the list of new features below.
  • Live demo every hour by the world’s 2 best female riders – Don’t miss your chance to see, touch and hear the boards during our live demos every hour. Female World Champion Aneta Šacherova and MSWC female vice-champion Ale Rivas from Mexico will show off their skills on the water!
  • Martin Šula—Inventor, founder, engineer and father of the company--will be on-site ready to answer your questions and share what it was like to work with F1 and MotoGP companies and his experience developing the Jetsurf.
  • Shortly after the Boat Show, we will be having the Grand Opening of the First Jetsurf Factory Shop in the United States. Stop by our tent to secure your invitation tickets.
  • Become a Jetsurf racer—Get involved in this new sport as we bring it to the U.S. for the first time. Stop by our booth number 464 and ask us how or visit: for more info.

 New Features:


While the Ultra Sport is designed with novice rider in mind, this is the board that everyone can enjoy, and it’s perfect for families and rental purposes. The Ultra Sport is durable and reliable, but most of all fun! Its smaller engine maximizes fuel efficiency and a new modified hull with foot pads suited for cruising make the 2017 Ultra Sport model a great Jetsurfing guide for the whole family.

  • New modified hull
  • Improved cooling system
  • Improved ventilation system on fuel tank
  • Modified Ignition Control Unit position.
  • Improved Cable routing
  • Cylinder head upgrade resulting in better cooling
  • New foot pads suited for cruising
  • New handle
  • New pump system
  • Improved timing sensor
  • Improved main fin.



The flagship of our fleet-the Factory GP boasts incredible power, torque and thrust in all water conditions. The Factory GP is equally at home on a small lake or chasing down waves when the swell is pumping. It offers experienced riders a challenging ride and gives those with a watersports background the chance to push their skills on something completely new.

Beginners are able to learn quickly on flat water, gain confidence and feel the sensation of riding over the water surface at speed. These dynamic boards are easy to maneuver and allow learners to get to their feet and ride with relative ease. The ergonomic straps and footpads made of specialized memory foam connect the riders to the boards, allowing for jumps, airs, grabs and even flips.


  • New shape of control handle – digital control handle
  • New Ignition Control Unit position
  • Timing sensor
  • New fuel tank anchoring
  • New cable routing
  • Improved bilge pumps mounting
  • Engine mounting upgrade
  • Modified cylinder head resulting in better cooling



If you do not have racing ambitions but still want to experience the feeling of real racing boards, then the Race model is the right choice. It will enable you to make really sharp turns reminiscent of riding a motorcycle and to master even the steepest waves. JetSurf Race board will secure a great Jetsurfing experience in any conditions you might get to.


The great performance and a new hull open up new possibilities of Jetsurfing. The Race model is a great choice for everyone who is looking for a compromise between a universal Factory GP and a professional Titanium board. 

  • Fuel tank with improved ventilation system
  • Timing sensor
  • digital control handle
  • Modified bindings position
  • New Ignition Control Unit position
  • New fuel tank anchoring
  • New cable routing
  • Modified cylinder head resulting in better cooling
  • Equipped only with electric bilge pump – reduced weight, easier maintenance

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