Martin Šonka visits Jetsurf after first Red Bull AirRace victory
16 / 02 / 2017

Martin Šonka visits Jetsurf after first Red Bull AirRace victory

Although Martin Šonka’s 2016 season was a campaign he may have wanted to forget, stepping in to the new 2017 season was a completely different story. Last weekend in Abu Dhabi's RedBull Air Race 2017 opening round, the Czech pilot stormed to his first ever victory in this prestiges series.

 Jetsurf’s supported athlete, Šonka, the pace in the qualifier and headed to the Round of 14 going head-to-head against Peter Podlunšek. The Slovenian pilot, who was disqualified for making a mistake, put the pressure on Šonka to make a clean, fast flight pass, which is exactly what he did. Posting the third fastest lap time pitting the RedBull Official pilot against Nicolas Ivanoff in the Round of 8. Precise and fast, that was #8 Šonka again, winning the heat by over a second, securing an appearance in the Round of 4. Phenomenal Martin Šonka flew his best ever and remained undefeated in the big finale, scoring a well deserved victory. The podium was completed with Juan Velarde taking the premiere podium finish and 3rd place going to Pete McLeod from Canada.

Jetsurf CEO Martin Šula and Martin Šonka holding the winning trophy 


Team Šonka and the Jetsurf Factory are entering their third season together and it obviously couldn't  have started any better. Starting into the 2017 racing campaign with this win brings real momentum. After being part of the winning squads in the Karting World Championship, MotoGP World Championship and several car racing series, the RedBull AirRace victory as Team Šonka technologies partner, is an another valuable accolade in history for the Jetsurf‘s research and development team.

Abu Dhabi race winner, Martin Šonka, went down to the factory right after his return to discuss the latest news with JetSurf's research and development department. Notably, this top class pilot couldn't wait to see and pick up his beautiful, air brushed, Race Titanium board to start getting ready for the MotoSurf World Cup season opener in Monaco this May.

Martin Šonka on his Jetsurf Race Titanium during the MotoSurf WorldCup Slovakia Race

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