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Jetsurf Electric Concept

Jetsurf Electric Concept is the very first fully electric board from Jetsurf portfolio. The Concept is being tested and will be released to public in the beginning of 2019.


Anya Colley joins Jetsurf Factory Team for 2018

She might have been less experienced with Jetsurf when entering her premiere round of MotoSurf WorldCup at Wyboston Lakes, but her progress has been impressive. Seven times Jetski World Champion Anya Colley found a new passion in racing motorized surfboards and did pretty much the same thing she has always done in her career so far – she went super fast.

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Brand new feature: Jetsurf Hybridfoil Concept

Coming out with a new range of possibilities, a new idea becoming a reality and bringing the motorized surfboards industry to another level: the Jetsurf Hybridfoil is a brand new feature by Jetsurf Factory that gives surfers more surfing options.

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В качестве официальной программы членства в команде JetSurf Team, JetSurf
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