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Now in its 5th year running, the World Championship circuit traverses 6 countries on 5 continents while attracting thousands of fans and racers worldwide. The fastest growing sport in its field, Motosurf GP also engages a huge television and new media audience.

The races attract the best riders from around the world, with teams travelling to compete in this thrilling contest of nerves, fitness and skill.
MOTOSURF WORLD CUP – The FIDSM has created one of the most advanced, safe and affordable Motorsports in the world with the Moto Surf GP Race Championship. The Jetsurf Raceboards are ultra light high tech water machines, with the ability to be transported via person, car, boat, and plane (as personal luggage on international/domestic carrier flights). This allows all MSGP Racers to travel easily around the world together with their machines – a unique attribute in comparison to other motorized vehicles and motorized sports.

FIDSM – In 2012, the FIDSM (Fédération Internationale du Surf Motorisé) was created in Switzerland, to be the official and overriding organisation for this sport. The increasing popularity and a constantly growing race community has compelled the FIDSM to organize and hold additional races all over the world.

For 2017, race series will be known as Moto Surf World Cup and has scheduled following stops:

1) Fréjus, France - 12-14th May

2) St. Petersburg, Russia - 9-10th June

3) Wyboston Lake, UK - 7-9th July

4) Prague, Czech Rep - 1-3rd September

5) Naples, Florida, USA - 3-5th November


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